Quality Control

The company's products strictly enforce the ISO9000 management system standard,through the establishment of a complete customer-centered quality service system,standardize the production process and strict quality control process, so thatcustomer satisfaction and win customer trust, enhance customer confidence.
Product quality control measures:
1, standardized quality management;
2, improve staff quality awareness, improved product quality;
3, the establishment of a set of scientific, systems, operational internal managementsystem of operation, including management, workflow, operating specifications, in order to achieve control of the entire process, to reduce the appearance of problems
4, from raw material procurement to start control to the control of semi-finished products, finished products, and product qualification rate of 100%.
Our raw materials and spare parts suppliers must be through the ISO quality system certification of enterprises, in order to ensure that our product even works fine.

Linda Caitlin Cindy Anne
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