Corporate Culture

Sincerity Foremost

    Sincerity first, sincere person self.Yulon environmental sincere hospitality, service, quality excellence.With the customer to maintain open communication, able to timely clear requirements, searching for the best solution of the problem, seek common development.

Credit Based

    To the letter-based, believe forever.In environmental protection and adhere to the interests of customer oriented, with a reputation to win customers, reputation and customer retention, everything is back, everything is resolved.

People Oriented

    "People-oriented, common development.In environmental protection in the management process by the artificial starting point and center, emphasize to inspire and motivate the person's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, so as to realize the person and enterprise's common development.

Harmony Valued

    This means, eight party wins.Yulon people in China for thousands of years the pursuit of harmony between man and nature of the traditional culture on the basis of extraction and crystallization, formed its own Yue Loong culture.And, the harmonious, harmony.Yulon environmental protection to the environment and society, and, the team and, unremitting efforts, for heaven with harmonic, eight party wins.

Contact Us

Email:[email protected]
Add:Huahui Rd.6 E.P.Industrial park Gaocheng Town Yixing City Jiangsu Province PRC.

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